Interaction with the Personnel Reserve of the Company

Formation and development of the personnel reserve is one of the priority tasks of the Company in the implementation of its HR policy.

The Company interacts with managerial personnel reserve and personnel reserve of young specialists.

In order to ensure timely filling of new vacancies or positions with employees having the professional competencies required for performing the duties in leading positions of the Company, for identification, promotion and planning of career development of the most active young specialists, a managerial personnel reserve and personnel reserve of young specialists is formed, the work with which is governed by the Regulation on Interaction with the Personnel Reserve, approved by Order of the Company No. 933 of October 29, 2014.

Formation of a managerial personnel reserve in the Company by positions is carried out at three levels:

1 level – deputy director general for activities, heads of departments, offices of the executive office, directors of branches,
2 level – deputy heads of departments, offices, heads of divisions and services of the executive office; deputy directors of branches for activities, heads of RES, chief engineers of RES;
3 level – heads of departments, services and sectors, masters of RES branches.

The managerial personnel reserve is divided into:

  • operational ( includes managers and specialists of the Company having sufficient qualifications for temporary fulfillment of duties on a target senior position),
  • prospective (includes employees of the Company with the potential for the target position, but requiring additional training for the development of their professional and managerial skills).

The main criteria of eligibility to the managerial personnel reserve are:

  • high professional qualifications;
  • high production results;
  • availability of the potential for professional development and career growth;
  • leadership qualities.

The managerial personnel reserve may include candidates:

  • with experience in the Company of at least one year;
  • having higher professional education;
  • corresponding to the age group up to 45 years;
  • recommended by direct and higher managers.

The following procedures and methods are applied during assessment of candidates to transfer into managerial personnel reserve:

  • Check of compliance of biographic data of the candidate (education, age, experience) to requirements imposed to members of personnel reserve.
  • Studying of responses (characteristics) on the candidates for a personnel reserve provided by direct and/or higher managers.
  • Psychological assessment with the use of test techniques (Kettell’s test, Raven’s matrix ), interview on competences and a method of an expert assessment of 360 degrees.

By the results of selection into personnel reserve and personnel flow to the end of 2015, 475 employees are enlisted to 847 positions.

Rates of the Company's Managerial Personnel Reserve in 2015, %

Rates of the Company's Managerial Personnel Reserve in 2015, %

In general, the staffing level of the Company’s managerial positions with a personnel reserve makes 56 %, and the executive office is completed to 96 %, departments of branch management is completed to 63 %, regions of electric grids are completed to 41 %.

The low percent of Regional Electric Grids staffing level is caused by the high qualification requirements imposed to candidates.

Appointment to managerial positions from succession candidates in 2015:

Personnel reserve type

Number of succession candidates appointed to high positions, persons

to target positions


Managerial personnel reserve



Youth personnel reserve






In accordance with the requirements of the Regulation on Interaction with the Personnel Reserve, the Company’s personnel reserve of young professionals may include personnel under the age of 35 years (inclusive), admitted on a competitive basis, having personal and business potential for professional development and career growth, recommended by their supervisors and having successfully passed respective evaluation tests.

In 2015, the youth personnel reserve of PJSC Kubanenergo included 33 professionals. Target positions were identified for each succession candidate, tutors were assigned from among the qualified managers and specialists of the Company in the relevant area of activities, individual development plans were developed and approved.

During formation of a personnel reserve in 2015, young specialists passed evaluation tests including the analysis of the biographic questionnaire on formal grounds, diagnostics of intelligence, personal test, a method of 360 degrees, etc. Further, an extensive work on development of the plans of measures on development of succession candidates was carried out with members of a personnel reserve, as well as personal training and group training was provided.

Before training, the personnel included in reserve in 2015 underwent procedure of certification consisting of the following stages:

  • writing of the autobiography (reflects the level of the general development, skills of written language, ability to the business letter, features of logical thinking);
  • Kettel’s culturally free test of intelligence (measures the natural ingenuity which isn't connected with education level);
  • “the test of execution of instructions” by V.T. Kozlova (measures lability of thought processes: the speed of attention switching, speed of cogitative operations, volume of short-term memory. These indicators correlate with the level of learning ability and with a decision-making speed).

In order to develop management skills and professional competencies, members of the personnel reserve of young professionals were trained under the course of Successful Manager: Management Tools. During the event, professional teachers learned the promising young employees to effectively manage the personnel, to apply a mnemonics, to motivate themselves and a team; young specialists studied a phenomenon of the self-executed predictions, learned to overcome psychological barriers in delegation of authority, and acquired other necessary management skills.

All measures on work with members of a personnel reserve of young specialists implemented in the Company in 2015 were aimed at:

  • creation of opportunities for professional and career development of young specialists of the Company;
  • assistance in increase of vocational and management training level of young specialists of the Company;
  • providing the Company with highly qualified and productive specialists and managers;
  • timely and high-quality completion of the released and new positions in the Company.