Occupational Safety

The basic principle of the Company’s activities in the field of occupational safety and health consists in the recognition and ensuring the priority of life and health of employees in relation to the results of production activities of the Company.

In order to ensure normal and safe working conditions for employees at all stages of the production process, control over observance of labor protection requirements at all levels of management in the Company, there is the Regulations on Occupational Safety Management System meeting the requirements of GOST 12.0.230-2007, international standard OHSAS 18001, interstate standards on OSH management systems, as well as requirements of the labor laws of the Russian Federation.

The Company’s management is responsible for ensuring safe working conditions and occupational safety in PJSC Kubanenergo and their compliance with the requirements set. The Company completely fulfills requirements of the laws of the Russian Federation regarding the employer’s duties in the field of labor protection of workers.

In the reporting year, the Company performed permanent OHS measures developed in accordance with requirements of Order of the Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation “On Approval of Standard List of Measures Annually Implemented by Employer and Aimed at Improving Labor Conditions and Protection as well as Reducing Levels of Professional Risks ” No. 181n of March 1, 2012.

The Company constantly controls observance of the rules of labor protection during organization and performance of work in electric facilities by employees. Behavioral audit is carried out as well as supervision over the process of organization and performance of the work directly on workplaces. Following the results of control, measures aimed at elimination and prevention of violations of labor protection requirements, including psychocorrective activities are developed.

In order to increase discipline level, reduce injury and wrong actions of the personnel at facilities of the united grid complex, the Company has the Comprehensive program on decrease in risk of occupational injuries of the personnel and third parties at facilities of the unified grid complex of the Company for 2015–2017. For timely measures aimed at personnel injury prevention, the Company approved additional system measures aimed at prevention of Company’s personnel injury.

In order to improve knowledge and exchange experiences, to correctly organize and optimize activities related to control of occupational safety and health standards and requirements observance with deputy chief engineers and heads of industrial safety and production control services of the branches of PJSC Kubanenergo, the Department of Occupational Safety and Production Control of the Company conducted, in 2015, 3 field seminars, covering not only occupational safety issues but also issues related to organization of the work of structural units, in the form of business games it conducted trainings on functioning of the occupational safety system and timely detection of potential threats and risks to the health and lives of employees of PJSC Kubanenergo and planning of labor protection measures.

As part of the functioning of the internal technical control system in 2015, comprehensive inspections were conducted in the Company’s branches of Sochi, Timashevsk and South-Western Electric Grids. Thematic inspections of divisions of all branches of the Company were conducted throughout the year that made it possible to identify and eliminate violations at the same time.

The volume of implemented measures made it possible to decrease the level of injury from three cases in 2014 to one case in 2015.

No cases of occupational diseases of the personnel of PJSC Kubanenergo were registered in 2015.

In order to ensure the preservation of life and health of employees of the Company, the necessary protective equipment and supplies were acquired in 2015 to ensure the safety of work. The annual application for the purchase of special clothing and footwear was performed in full.

Unit costs of occupational health and safety and the provision of personal protective equipment per worker in 2012–2015, RUB thou

Unit costs of occupational health and safety and the provision of personal protective equipment per worker in 2012–2015, RUB thou