HR Policy

The key objectives of the personnel and social policy of the Company (the “Policy”) aimed at achievement of targets of the Development Strategy of Electric Grid Complex, are as follows:

  • planning of staff requirements, ensuring of availability of reliable information about operational and forecast quantitative and qualitative personnel requirements necessary and sufficient to fulfill the Company’s tasks;
  • timely meeting of the Company’s qualified personnel requirements;
  • ensuring of personnel performance, and workforce productivity growth in the Company.

In the implementation of the HR policy, the Company is guided by the following principles:

  • compliance of the Policy with the common principles and approaches to human resource management in the electric grid complex taking into account the regional specifics;
  • maximum compliance of Policy implementation mechanisms with the best practice and standards of human resource management in Russian and foreign companies;
  • formation of a set of areas and methods of human resource management enabling the Company to rapidly and effectively adapt to corporate and external changes;
  • operation within a single area of personnel, use of common technologies and common information resources of the electric grid complex in order to improve personnel management and reduce costs;
  • giving employees equal opportunities and non-discrimination on any grounds;
  • creation of maximum development of the professional potential of employees and ensuring of implementation of “perception of the personnel of electric grid companies as human capital” approach that supposes investment in personnel development and maximization of the return on investment;
  • creation of conditions requiring professionalism, productivity, motivation for professional development and general corporate distribution of values as the only guarantee of progress in the Company;
  • creation of the Company’s image as a socially responsible, preferred employer in order to increase appeal for highly skilled workers.