Information Policy

Information policy of the Company is aimed at complete satisfaction of the demand of shareholders, potential investors, creditors, professional participants of securities market, government bodies and other persons interested in reliable information about the Company and its activities, as well as at ensuring free and easy access to such information.

Objectives, principles, the list of information and documents subject to disclosure, procedures and terms for disclosure of information by the Company are stated in the Regulations on Information Policy of the Company approved by the Board of Directors*.

In addition to information subject to mandatory disclosure, the Company shall disclose the details of its activities, securities and shareholders, management and control bodies, major transactions and its S&A.

The Company shall disclose information in Russian and in English, in all cases when it is admissible in accordance with the laws of the Russian Federation.

The company strives to disclose information in the Russian and English languages at the same time.

Any information about the Company’s activities is generally disclosed by publishing it on the corporate web-site, in the news feed of Interfax authorized news agency, through publications in printed and on-line mass media, as well as by means of holding meetings with shareholders and other stakeholders.

Director General of the Company shall ensure the Information Policy implementation.

Principles of Information Policy of PJSC Kubanenergo

  • regularity, sequencing and promptness;
  • information availability;
  • information completeness;
  • reliability and neutrality of information disclosed;
  • keeping an adequate balance between the Company’s transparency and its commercial interests.

* Find the Regulation on Information Policy of the Company on the web-site: - section About the Company / Constituent and in-house documents