Development of Corporate and Technological Automated Control Systems

The Company introduces new projects, develops existing ones and maintains already completed projects in terms of information technologies in accordance with the Strategy in the field of information technology and telecommunications of the Company approved by the Decision of the Board of Directors of PJSC Kubanenergo on 20.06.2013 (Minutes No. 138/2012 of 22.06.2012).

The following systems are implemented and used to control PJSC Kubanenergo activities:

1. Automated systems of technological management (ASTM) enabling centralized control of power transmission and distribution processes.

The ASTM development is based on an integrated approach to the automation of technological management processes and to the enforcement of common technical policy principles. For organizing dispatcher, technological communications, and telecommunications, the Company uses the departmental communications and telecommunications network, which is reconstructed with a simultaneous transition to digital channels.

2.  Automated systems of business management intended to plan and control different types of the Company activities.

The automation of the Company’s operations is based on a uniform configuration of software system 1C: Enterprise 8.2.  Manufacturing Enterprise Management.

To automate management processes and work progress monitoring the Company continues to develop the corporate software system Technological Connection designed to automate management processes and work progress monitoring in relation to the main operations of PJSC Kubanenergo.

In order to implement the Strategy for the development of the Russian Federation power grid complex in 2015 PJSC Kubanenergo began to extend the functionality of automated production assets management system.

3. Communication systems and IT infrastructure ensuring the efficiency of all mentioned automation tools, as well as continuous communication for all employees of the Company.

The main role of information technologies is to implement the key business objectives of the Company, such as ensuring reliable and uninterrupted electric power supply, improving of customer service quality, ensuring of customer satisfaction. Processes automation development also ensures more efficient functioning of the power grid complex.

Efficient operation of the Company in the field of IT-technologies leads to the achievement of strategic goals:

Efficient operation of the Company in the field of IT-technologies leads to the achievement of strategic goals

As part of the development of major infrastructural IT-services in 2015, the following works were performed:

  • the capacity of existing corporate data-transmission network between the executive bodies and PJSC Kubanenergo branches was increased up to 10 Mbit/s.
  • the data storage system which allowed to increase the productivity and to improve the reliability of the automated administrative workflow system of the corporate software system Technological Connection was purchased and integrated into the existing IT-infrastructure.
  • necessary server hardware was purchased and integrated in order to develop the information system 1C: Energetics. Distribution Network Company Management.
  • In the reporting year under the investment program of the Company on the development of communication systems and ASTM PJSC Kubanenergo performed the following works:
  • tele-mechanization of 7 substations with voltage of 110 kV with the organization of digital communication and data transmission channels in the dispatch centers of the Company and in the Kuban RDO. The number of 110 kV SS tele-mechanized in accordance with the current requirements increased by 18 % of its total quantity;
  • tele-mechanization of 23 distribution points with voltage of 6-10 kV with the organization of telecommunication data transmission channels in the branch Sochi Power Grids, which makes up 34 % of all tele-mechanized distribution points of the Company;
  • construction of 141 km of FOCL, which makes up 18 % of the total length of the Company’s FOCL;
  • a corporate data transmission network, dispatch and technological communication channels were organized via FOCL-OL in the direction of Timashevsky PGA and Crimean PGA, such substations with the voltage of 110 kV as Krasnoarmeyskaya, Terminal, Nebug, Olginka, Svinocomplex, Anapskaya, Djemete.
  • the equipment was purchased and integrated into the existing automatic telephone system in the executive department of PJSC Kubanenergo in order to increase subscribers capacity, implement the IP-telephony and expand the functionality.