Repair-Operating Activities

In order to ensure reliable power supply to industrial and agricultural facilities and the population of the Krasnodar Territory and the Republic of Adygea, PJSC Kubanenergo annually draws up and carries out a repairs program that takes into account the following parameters:

  • standard frequency of complete overhauls, medium repairs and running repairs of power equipment;
  • technical condition of facilities;
  • results of routine checks;
  • need to comply with the instructions of supervisory agencies;
  • mitigation of failures;
  • economic feasibility and effectiveness of power grid operation. 

      The 2015 repairs program included:

  • repairs of the electricity transmission lines, substations, power equipment, devices of relay protection and emergency automation, metering instruments and systems, measuring instruments, dispatcher and production equipment, mechanization means and vehicles, as well as buildings and fittings, computers and office equipment;
  • compliance with the instructions of supervisory agencies;
  • implementation of target programs, including work on energy conservation, improving operational reliability of power equipment and overhead lines, preparing for the storm season, ensuring reliable operations during flooding, preparing the Company for operations during the autumn and winter period.

      In the reporting year the repairs program was successfully completed in all areas.

Results of the Repair Program in 2015:

Facilities Repaired

Units of Measurement




Completion, %

Comprehensive repairs of the substation





Overhaul of  





Repairs of commutation devices





Repair of 35–220 kV OL





Repair of 0.4–10 kV ELT





Clearing of forest corridors for 0.4–220 kV OL





Repair of 6-10/0.4 kV transformer substations





Over-fulfillment of the plan was due to:

  • for commutation devices - the exceeding of maximum permissible amount of short circuit clearings in accordance with technical rules and regulations, the need for proper preparation for the autumn-winter period of 2015/2016, the closure of Rostekhnadzor comments;
  • for 35-110 kW OL – the need to eliminate defects identified during the preparation of the power system for the autumn-winter period of 2015/2016;
  • for clearing of forest corridors for 0.4–220 kV OL - the need for proper preparation for the autumn-winter period of 2015/2016;
  • for 6-10/0.4 kV transformer substations – the mitigation of flooding consequences in the Sochi Power Grids branch, the closure of Rostekhnadzor comments.

In 2015, it was planned to perform repairs in the amount of RUB 698,654 ths, but the cost of actual repairs carried out was RUB 713,519 ths, which was 102 % of the plan, including in the main technological areas:

Technological Areas

2015 Planned *,
RUB ths

2015 Actual,
RUB ths

Completion, %

35-110 kV SS




35–110 kV OL




0.4-10 kV distribution grids




In the reporting year:

  •  training on temporary power supply limitation, as well as emergency response drills for ice melting on 110 kV overhead lines were conducted according to the plan;
  •  provision of work teams with protective clothing, proper condition of machinery and equipment and availability of primary firefighting equipment were checked.          

In order to improve the reliability of the power grid complex in accordance with a comprehensive program of improving the reliability of substation equipment, the following measures were performed in 2015:

  • replacement of 15 measuring current and voltage transformers of 35-110 kV at 35-110 kV SS;
  • replacement of 2 separators and a 35 kV short-circuitor for vacuum circuit breakers at 35 kV substations Bakinskaya and Chernomorskaya;
  • replacement of 25 low-oil circuit breakers of 6-10 kV for vacuum circuit breakers at 35-110 kV SS;
  • restoration of reactive power sources with the replacement of 21 defective capacitors (capacitor banks);
  • restoration of mechanical and electromagnetic locks at 81 substations of 35-110 kV;
  • replacement of 129 physically worn 35-110 kV inputs of oil circuit breakers and power transformers.

      In 2015, maintenance of overhead lines with voltage of 35 kV and higher were completed by 110 %, including for the replacement of insulation by 119 %; works related to brush clearing were completed by 107 %, works for examination were completed by 116 % and works for measurement were completed by 100 %. 

For the purposes of identification and timely mitigation of heating of contact connections on OL and SS of 35 kV and higher, thermal imaging survey was performed for:

  • the most significant sections of overhead lines in the amount of 182 pieces against the planned 133 pieces;
  • 322 substations of 35–110 kW against the planned 316 pieces.

In order to improve the reliability of 0,4-10 kV distribution grids, the following measures were performed:

  • replacement of 2,152 defective poles of 0.4 kW;
  • replacement of 614 defective poles of 10 kW;
  • replacement of 19,600 branches to house property inputs made of bare wire;
  • installation of 120 protection enclosures at 6-10 kV SS;
  • replacement of doors at closed transformer substations situated in settlements for metal ones, as well as replacement of padlocks for high duty locks or indoor installation locks in the amount of 143 pcs;
  • displacement of 200 OL with bare wires from the territory of kindergartens, schools and other educational institutions, camps, etc. (where impossible to displace - replacement of bare wire for insulated one).

            The scope of repairs planned for 2016 amounts to RUB 702.4 mln, including by their implementation methods, RUB mln

The scope of repairs planned for 2016 amounts to RUB 702.4 mln, including by their implementation methods, RUB mln

The 2016 repairs program includes:

Integrated repair of 35–110 kV SS

79 pcs

Repair of 6–110 kV oil circuit breakers

1,041 pcs

Replacement of 110 kV power transformers,

22 pcs

Repair of 35–110 kV overhead lines

1,010.69 km

Clearing of forest corridors for 35–220 kV overhead lines

441.54 ha

Repair of 0.4–10 kV ELT

1,581.8 km

Repair of 6–10/0.4 kV transformer substations (closed transformer substations)

392 pcs

Repair of -0.4–10 kV cable lines

13.9 km

The implementation of the main share of repair works in 2016 (80.7 %) is planned for the 2-3 quarters of 2016.

* Planned and actual indicators are provided excluding the salary budget and the unified social tax.