Ensuring Quality, Reliable and Uninterrupted Electric Power Supply to Customers

In order to ensure the reliability, quality and uninterrupted power supply to consumers, the Company annually generates and fulfills a program of technical re-equipment, reconstruction, repair and maintenance of power facilities. Also the Company fulfills a series of operations for ensuring reliable and accident-free work of its power grids during flood seasons, periods of extreme high and low outside temperatures, lightning storm seasons, fire hazardous and fall-winter periods.

In 2015, PJSC Kubanenergo generally fulfilled the main task of improving the quality and uninterrupted power supply to consumers.

In order to prevent technological failures and accidents in the reporting year, the Company:

  • fulfilled the Program focused on improvement of the reliability, efficiency, and security of energy production for 2015, including the following measures:
  • replacement of single-contact short circuits for gas insulated (vacuum) circuit breakers;
  • replacement of 6-10 kV low-oil circuit breakers for vacuum ones;
  • replacement of unsealed inputs for solid insulation inputs,
  • replacement of stick-pedestal insulation of 110 kV breakers;
  • restoration of reactive power compensation devices;
  • installation of emergency events recorders capable to isolate faults on 110 kV OL;
  • organization of arcing and other faults protection for 6-10 kV busbar sections;
  •  preparation of an action plan for the mitigation of accidents and emergencies under the leadership of PJSC Kubanenergo Headquarters;
  • conclusion of agreements on cooperation in prevention and mitigation of natural and man-made emergency situations with 51 municipalities of the Krasnodar Territory and the Republic of Adygea;
  •  conclusion of 58 agreements with contractors and territorial network organizations on their attraction to the mitigation of accidents, which will allow to involve immediately up to 996 staff, 283 units of cars and machinery; monitoring of major technological failures and accidents at power plants in the last 10 years;
  •  conclusion of the agreements with 14 subsidiaries and affiliates of OJSC Russian Grids and OJSC Mobile GTPP on their cooperation in the prevention and mitigation of consequences of accidents and emergencies at energy facilities in terms of the availability and storage of emergency reserve, reserve sources of power supply and equipment for mobile teams, cars and machinery;
  •  updating of the action plan for prevention and mitigation of natural and man-made emergency situations;
  •  quarterly analysis of technological failures and accidents;
  •  indication of all areas prone to emergency situations on the working map of the energy system;
  •  development of  methodological recommendations for actions in the event of ice loads and floods;
  •  holding of 3 drills, 44 command and staff trainings, 45 site trainings with the participation of 1,750 employees of the Company. Drills and trainings were aimed at the improvement of control actions in terms of rescue and recovery operations intended to the mitigation of accidents and emergencies consequences in cooperation with the executive authorities and territorial bodies of the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations,
  • taking of measures to prepare the power grid complex of PJSC Kubanenergo for the autumn-winter period of 2015/2016.

The Company allocated special forces and resources for rapid mitigation of technological failures and accidents:

  • 347 rescue and recovery teams, 1560 staff and 584 units of cars and machinery;
  • mobile teams: 22 units, 128 staff, 53 units of cars and machinery;
  • 74 light towers;
  • 102 reserve sources of power supply with total capacity of 10,830.5 kW ready to ensure power supply for the most important social facilities in case of major technological violations.

The emergency reserve established by the Company is staffed at 100 %.

Maximum arrival time of emergency and recovery teams is 2 hours.

Re-equipment, reconstruction, modernization and new construction of the power supply network in order to reduce power facilities wear are at the forefront of PJSC Kubanenergo aims. To achieve these goals the Company uses modern high-tech equipment, the best examples of Russian manufacturers and good quality imported equipment in the absence of domestic equivalents.

However, under the current financial situation in PJSC Kubanenergo and tariff decisions, limited funds for the investment program do not allow to radically solve the problem of fixed assets updating.

The situation with high wear of power grids was solved in a great measure in the Sochi Power Grids branch during the reconstruction and construction of power facilities under the Program of Olympic facilities construction and development of Sochi as a mountain climate resort.

In other branches of PJSC Kubanenergo the degree of fixed assets wear is increasing, In this regard the provision of adequate means and qualitative performance of works on repair and maintenance of power networks in order to maintain them in reliable, secure and operational conditions continues to grow in importance.

Preparations for the autumn-winter period of 2015/2016  were carried out on the basis of the Regulation on the verification of availability of electric power industry subjects for the autumn-winter period, approved by Decision No. 10 of the Government Commission on the Safety of Power Supply (Federal Headquarters) of 06.07.2012, and organizational administrative documents of the Ministry of Energy of Russia, OJSC Russian Grids and PJSC Kubanenergo.

Extensive work on the preparation of the Company for the autumn-winter period resulted in the signing by the commission of the Russian Ministry of Energy of an assessment report for readiness of PJSC Kubanenergo for the autumn-winter period of 2015/2016 and provision of a certificate of readiness to the Company.

Measures performed by PJSC Kubanenergo in preparation for the autumn-winter period of 2015/2016 ensured reliable power supply and prevented massive power outages and long-term interruptions of power supply to consumers. Minor interruptions in power supply to consumers were quickly, accurately and timely eliminated by repair teams.