Quality Control for the Capital Construction

The company carries out construction supervision to verify compliance of works performed during construction and reconstruction of capital facilities with the requirements of the following documents:

  • design documentation;
  • technical regulations;
  • urban land development plan;
  • results of engineering surveys.

The Company implements construction supervision in accordance with the Building Code of the Russian Federation, Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 468 of 21.06.2010 On Procedures of Construction Supervision During Construction, Reconstruction and Overhaul of Capital Facilities, according to Certificate of SRO-NP Energostroy No. 0212.05-2015-2309001660-C-060 of 06.08 .2015.

In order to perform construction supervision and general management of the quality control for the capital construction the Company uses the following local regulations:

  • Order of PJSC Kubanenergo No. 1036 dated 10.12.2014 On Approval of the Procedure for Building Inspection on the Facilities of PJSC Kubanenergo Power Grid Complex;
  • Order of PJSC Kubanenergo No. 1110 dated 29.12.2014 On Approval of the Methodological Guidelines for the Confirmation and Acceptance of the Scope and Quality of Installation and Construction Works Carried up by Building Contractors on the facilities of PJSC Kubanenergo Power Grids;
  • Order of PJSC Kubanenergo No. 304 dated 13.04.2015 On Approval of the Procedure for the Commissioning of PJSC Kubanenergo Completed Facilities (as amended by Decrees No. 550 of 02.07.2015 and No. 1052 of 07.12.2015);
  • Order of PJSC Kubanenergo No. 1020 dated 30.11.2015 On Approval of the Procedure for the Maintenance of As-Built and Turn-Over Documentation on the Facilities of PJSC Kubanenergo Power Grid Complex.

Resources of the Company for the Construction Supervision

In 2015, 25 specialists of PJSC Kubanenergo were involved in the construction supervision.

The organization and implementation of construction supervision in PJSC Kubanenergo is the responsibility of the capital construction department which includes the department of construction organization and the department of budget and contract.

Capital construction departments of branches implement construction supervision on their facilities under the guidance and with the participation of the capital construction department of the Company.

In the reporting year the Company also involved employees of its operating teams for the implementation of construction supervision (to implement construction supervision ensuring safety of buildings and structures, to develop commissioning programs and to report on their performance).

In 2015, the Company did not carry out an independent construction supervision.

As a result of the competitive elections JSC RDEC IDGC was chosen to carry out an independent construction supervision in 2016 under the project Construction of 110 kV OL entries on 110 kV Pionerskaya SS. The estimated date of the construction supervision: from the date of the construction permit procurement prior to getting of the completed facility acceptance report from the contractor.