Profit Distribution and Dividend Policy

Basic principles of PJSC Kubanenergo dividend policy

  • Ensuring a balanced approach to the interests of the Company and its shareholders while settling the volume of dividends to be paid
  • Respect and strict compliance with the rights of shareholders set forth by the applicable laws of the Russian Federation, the Charter and internal documents of the Company

The dividend policy of PJSC Kubanenergo is a total of principles and methods used by the Company to work out the correlation between the profit that goes towards capitalization and the profit that goes towards the dividends, as well as to decide on the procedure and timing of paying out the dividends, and to decide on the responsibility of the Company for failing to deliver the stated amount in dividends.

Our dividend policy is aimed at increasing the investment appeal of PJSC Kubanenergo and the growth of its market capitalization.

While increasing the capitalization, we also aim at increasing the amounts paid out as dividends to the shareholders based on the amount of profit attained in the financial year and investment requirements in relation to the development of the Company.

The Dividend Policy of the Company is determined by the Regulation on the Dividend Policy of PJSC Kubanenergo established by the decision of the Board of Directors (Minutes No. 95/2010 of September 3, 2010) and published on the corporate website of the Company - section About the Company / Constituent and in-house documents

Data sheet on dividends paid by PJSC Kubanenergo

Dividend Period, Year

Number and Date of the Protocol of the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders of PJSC Kubanenergo where the Decision on the Dividends Payment Was Made

Date of Drafting the List of Shareholders Entitled to Receive Dividends in the Dividend Period

Amount of Dividends Announced (Accrued) on the Shares of the Given Tier (Type) per Share, RUB.

Total Amount of Dividends Announced (Accrued) on the Total Number of Outstanding Shares of the Given Tier (Type), RUB.

Total Amount of Funds Paid in Dividends on the Company’s Shares of the Given Tier (Type), RUB:

Period of Time Set to Pay out the Announced Dividends on the Company’s Shares

Means and Other Terms of Payment of the Announced Dividends on the Company’s Shares

Reasons of Default on the Announced Dividend Payments


No. 18 of 6/11/2006





60 days

Monetary means

Failure to provide updates on the changes in personal data by the persons registered in the list of shareholders


No. 20 of 6/5/2007






No. 23 of 6/6/2008





15 days

Following the results of 2008–2012 financial years, the General Meeting of Shareholders of the Company decided not to pay dividends.

According to the Company’ Articles of Association the decision on profit distribution following the results of 2015 will be taken following the results of the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders.